About Us

H2 Primary School, is a Co-Ed English Medium School based in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape.

H2 Primary was established in the year 2000, Today the school boasts Grades R to Grade 7 with a total number of 352 learners, led by a faculty of 13 educators 1 non Academic, 3 Administrators and 6 support staff.

We believe in the Bill of Rights as enshrined in our constitution ,that every citizen has the right to basic quality education. We have adopted this preamble in our schools ethos.

H2 Primary opened it’s doors in January 2000. This was a clarion call to better education that was answered by the founding partners, who are educators in their own right. At the time, taking a holistic look at the state of our schools in Mthatha and the level of education that was offered, and also having been part of the very system ourselves at different institutions and at different levels, we knew we had to do something that would bring about effective and meaningful change in the way things were being done.

Deciding that, that change was and is not the sole responsibility of Government, we knew we would have to stand up and make that leap. We also instinctively knew that we would have to risk our own finances, give up our time and energy in order to effect and be proponents of that very  change that we had identified. We needed to introduce a culture of quality, affordable education in the true spirit of vuku’zenzele.

This spirit is a corner stone of Governments social development agenda . That speaks to the mindset that we need to do for ourselves  that which we are able to and that in the long term the benefits are not only felt individually but by our community and by and large by our society. In order to keep a firm handle on our industry and our competitors  we created associations with a number of premier schools like ours in our province and nationally.

They are:
Diocesan School for Girls
Kingswood College
St Andrews College
St Andrews College Prep
Vela Private School
Umtata Christian School

These schools mirror our ethos on which we have attained our “GRAVITAS”. We know as we did then that by forming these relationships and associations it not only allows us but them as well to take from each other that which will help facilitate that very attainable constitutional obligation of a ‘better quality education for all’.


H2 Primary strives to be a centre of excellence in the Eastern Cape, that produces competent learners who will fit in well and succeed in any institution of higher learning in South Africa and beyond our shores.

We provide quality education for all learners
from Grade R to Grade 7.

Our educators are highly qualified and motivated to provide your child with the best start in life.


To realize our vision, we the school are committed to providing good quality outcomes based education, through a broad based curriculum and also through optimal use of the resources at our disposal for effective teaching and learning.

Staff Compliment 2017
Staff Compliment 2017

Our educator qualifications are as follows:

Grade R: BA PSY, BA PSY Hons, BA PSY Equivelance Programme, Registered P.G.C.E. 2017
Grade 1: Diploma in Foundation Phase, Diploma in Education (primary school), B-Tech in Education/B.ed. UNISA
Grade 2: Diploma in Foundation Phase, B.ed. Foundation Phase
Grade 3: Diploma in Foundation Phase, B.ed. Intermediate and Senior Phase
Grade 4: Phd. Music Ed, B.Mus (Performing Arts), H.ed. (Post Graduate)
Grade 5: B.PAED Degree
Grade 6: Diploma in Education and Senior Phase
Grade 7: B.ed. Hons (ELT Teaching), B.ed. Hons (ELT Teaching) Dip Bookkeeping